5 Amazing Films about Doctors You Must Watch

Hey, who doesn’t like doctors? You know, those guys with great powers to heal and comfort. Smart, funny, and yes, omnipresent too. Look at the silver screen, for instance. Countless films have been made with a doctor in the lead. So, without much ado, let’s look at some of the greatest physicians to have been immortalised in celluloid.

P.S.: Who are we to rank them docs? It’s just a random numbering.




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It’s on #5 only cause it was the first name to present itself. Set in the backdrop of war-torn Korea, the film follows a team of physicians who try to make the best of the situation. Darkly humorous, MASH is bound to strike a chord with doctors who have practised in battle-ridden regions, and paint a picture with students who hope to. Watch out for Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould, playing two physicians living on their sense of humour and indomitable spirit.


Patch Adams

patch adams

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Robin Williams is outstanding in this loosely biographical film about a man who enrols into medical school following an epiphany that compassion and humour helps patients recuperate better. The film drives home the nobility and heart of the medical profession, and all aspiring doctors will identify with the dreams, hopes and fears associated with the job.


Dead Ringers


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It’s gritty, smart, and often suffocating in its grimness, but Dead Ringers remind us that some physicians to turn to the dark side. The story follows two brothers, running a quite successful gynaecology practice. Apart from the comfortable amount of money, their job provides added perks in the form of the patients. Things go downhill when one brother falls in love with a woman quite uninterested to commit. It’s down the drugs and alcohol route from there from the lovelorn surgeon, and the other soon takes to the same route. If nothing else, check out this film for Jeremy Irons.



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This forgotten gem from the black and white era deals with the classic work-life balance question. The protagonist, a young doctor, moves to Indonesia to test a new serum he has discovered, and hopes to apply it against the bubonic plague. But the tough life throws everything into question- his marriage, health and even research.


Yellow Jack

yellow jack
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Robert Montgomery stars in this film from the 1930’s, which deals with the still relevant issue of clinical trials. Lewis Reed plays an American army surgeon who identifies the carrier of a deadly disease killing Cuban residents, and arranges for a group of volunteers to test the theory and be exposed to the incurable disease. The film is hard-hitting and emotional, deftly exploring the mindset of a person sacrificing his life for science and the tough choices doctors are presented with.

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May 29, 2017

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