10 GAMSAT Study Tips for Smarter Prep

Prepearing for the GAMSAT is rigorous in itself, what with all the concepts you have to learn and the practising to be done. Remember that nothing is impossible, and you can go far even if you don’t have much time left for preparation. Just follow some good GAMSAT study tips, and the rest will fall into place.

Of course, this is nothing but creating a proper timetable for yourself to manage time more efficiently and effectively during the prep period. For this purpose, it’s most important to be realistic about your goals, abilities and limitations.

1) When are you most alert?

This is when you should put in the biggest chunks of studying. An invaluable GAMSAT study tip: avoid getting snatches of information whenever you get some free time on your hands. It might seem fruitful at the time, but you are not likely to remember much later, your concentration will waver, and you will feel really fatigued when you actually sit down for some solid studying. So, find out when you absorb the most. Some of us are great at capturing concepts at the crack of dawn, while some feel at their best at midnight. Choose your spot.

2) Choose your method

One much-overlooked GAMSAT study tip: choose your own mode of learning. Are you at the best of your performance in a classroom or do you feel most comfortable left alone? Can you remember facts by going through them or do you need to keep a pen and prepare handy to jot things down as you study? Do you learn better when you read from textbooks or by listening to lectures? All these are going to figure a great deal in your GAMSAT prep.

3) Use technology

The internet is here to help, help and then help some more. Collect online resources and save them in your tablet or phone. Try to get your prep and evaluations online itself; this will save a lot more time than if you attended face-to-face tutorial classes. Watch online videos to get your concepts straight, and download and save them. Listen to tutors explaining concepts and questions. The audio-visual method is time-saving and a great way of imbibing information.

4) Start with your weak zones

You must be aware of your strong suits and pain points. If you have been a non-science student, start off with learning the basic concepts. And if essay writing is not something you excelled at, start practising earlier. If you were a science student but could not get the hang of chemistry, focus on the subject first and foremost. Rank the difficulty level of the subjects- from your perspective- and focus on them accordingly. One important GAMSAT study tip: all the sections in the exam are important. Which means you need to pay a lot of attention to all of them.

5) Avoid complacency

You know which are your weak zones, and your study schedule is filled up with those subjects. But, as mentioned before, remember that all the sections in the test are important, so don’t ignore any. You might be great at essays and physics, but it would be a major mistake to go easy on these subjects; constant honing of your skills is essential when you are participating in something as competitive as GAMSAT.

6) Get written practice

The GAMSAT is a paper-based test, which means that your writing speed must be up to the mark. Besides, written practice is great at helping you remember things. This familiarises you with the exam pattern, giving you good practice at time management as well. Solve as many mock tests as you can within the exam time limits.

7) Plan a realistic schedule

And stick to it. Decide on how much you can do during the week, and plan accordingly. There’s no point in telling yourself that you will complete 10 chapters from each subject by the end of the week when you can realistically finish, say, 2 from each. Recognise and acknowledge your limits to avoid unnecessary pressure on yourself. Start your GAMSAT prep earlier if necessary. Build some flexibility for unprecedented events into your schedule. An exam or assignment might come up, or a family emergency. Make sure that it doesn’t disrupt your study schedule much.

8) Engage in some brain training

This is a super-essential GAMSAT study tip. The GAMSAT is as much a test of logic and analysis as of prior knowledge, so don’t ignore these issues as well. Besides, training your brain will make you more receptive toward the chapters you learn. So, solve some logic puzzles, play some Sudoku and other math puzzles- in fact, any puzzle will do great at sharpening your mind.

9) Get competitive

This is highly essential. The GAMSAT is an extremely competitive exam, which means that you need to get into gear right when you are preparing. Track your rate of progress by keeping tab on your performance in each mock test; if it isn’t improving or staying static, it’s time to review your methods. Compare your prep with fellow aspirants. Take professional help, but you must be your biggest critic.

10) Allow yourself relaxation

The last, but certainly not the least of the GAMSAT study tips: give yourself some free time. Burning out from stress is as common as it is harmful, so stay away from the bandwagon. Spend some time each day watching movies, biking, listening to music, eating or sleeping: whatever is your idea of having a good time. In the months of prep, take a short break. Go on a small vacation if possible. Short breaks make your mind sharper; it’s scientifically proven. Give yourself small rewards every time you master a particularly difficult chapter. In fact, you can make your daily breaks productive: read up to increase your vocabulary, get updated on current events and solve puzzles.

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