11 Points to Note about Applying to Australian Medical Schools

Quite a few factors figure in your acceptance to Australian medical schools. Even a great score in GAMSAT doesn’t necessarily ensure acceptance, although that is indeed a huge step ahead. You academic career and performance in the interview all matter when your application to the particular med school is being considered.

The definition of “well enough” varies from school to school, so be sure to read up on your choices to know better what they expect of a prospective candidate. Also, remember that the cut-off and other criteria vary from school to school so it would be best to go through the prospectus of each school before applying to any.

You will find a complete list of all the Australian medical schools that accept the GAMSAT score here.

Compile a list of Australian medical schools that interest you or are places you can get into and pay for, maybe 5 or so.  From there, collect information about each to help decide which you have the best chances of getting into. Learn about their expectations on GAMSAT scores to help guide you in your application process. If possible, check out the international rankings of these schools as well.

Questions to Ask Yourself

These are the things you must ask yourself while choosing your university:

  • What about the course/university interested you at first?
  • How do you wish to apply your course in your professional life?
  • It ensures the best possible work placement for you.
  • It is the most valuable course in the field.
  • This course/university is what/where you have always wanted to study.
  • The cost, of course. It might or might not be too much on the pocket, but take a look all the same.
  • Look into the viability of sponsorships, if any.
  • Always take the location into account. Do you want to move base or do you not?
  • If yes, how do you plan to bear the additional costs?
  • Will it be possible to hold part-time jobs to support yourself along with studying?
  • Again, if you are moving, which city/town would your prefer?
  • If you are an international student, separate universities might have a separate set of guidelines. Make sure you are comfortable with all of them.

Of course, remember that these are general guidelines, and not all will be applicable to everyone. Ask yourself these questions and see what your priorities are. After all, it would be you who would be spending a considerable time in this university, and changing courses midway is troublesome and expensive.

Make an Informed Choice

A comparative study of the Australian medical schools is a great way of finding out which suits you best. Not all conditions across universities would suit your requirements, and it’s best that you take everything into account before taking a definite step.

Once you receive your scores, you will have a better idea of which Australian medical schools it will be worth applying to, depending on how much they stress on a high score. If you did not do so well in the GAMSAT, don’t waste your money or time applying to a school that only accepts students with a certain minimum score.  If you are determined to get into a particular school and your score does not meet minimum requirements, then consider retaking the GAMSAT.

image source: islandcrisis.net

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