12 Tips on How to Get & Maintain a 7.0 GPA for GAMSAT

1. Make a schedule. If not long term, at least a weekly one. What are the hours you wish to put in? How much time will you devote to recharging? What are your other commitments and how much time can you devote to them? Stick to this schedule.

2. Start working on your assignments as soon as you get them. This way, you can put in a solid two hours, for instance, in a day, and not seriously hamper your other commitments.

3. Finish your assignments at least two days before the due date. If you have started early, this will not be a problem, nd you will have time before you submit it to go through it carefully and make the necessary edits.

4. When you are working on assignments, utilise all the GAMSAT resources available. The internet is there, of course, but go the old-fashioned way and visit the library. There’s loads of information just waiting to be found.

5. Speaking of resources, avoid the editable ones. They might be good, but you never know. A website like Wikipedia might be good for quoting facts around the coffee table, and way below the mark for an assignment that will affect your GPA.

6. Choose the right courses, and the right number of courses. A few will be majoring choices, some will cater to an interest you have. Find the right distribution. If you have picked the right courses you want to work on, studying will automatically become easier, better and faster. Also, don’t pile too many courses on yourself. Limit yoursself to around 4- 5 at a stretch- courses per semester. You need not take up all the hours the college allows you to take.

7. Take notes. Constantly. Take notes in class, and take notes if you are taking tuitions. Do not skip over something because it sounds unimportant at the moment; you never know which will be important when you are studying.

8. Try to attend each class. Not everything in every class will be equally important, but missing out on a number of classes will mean that you have missed a considerable chunk of important information. Besides, the interactive nature of classroom teaching ranks way above studying by yourself.

9. Interactive studying is extremely beneficial, so join a community if you can. Meet up students in your area and form a study group. You will manage a lot more in a group than you will by yourself; besides, you will get to see where you stand compared to your peers.

10. Follow up the day’s work at the end of the day. Assign yourself some time each day for going through everyhting you learnt in class that day. This will commit the information to memory.

11. Aim high. Target an A in each assignment, and you will be getting it in some assignments at least. Constant performance will ensure your overall GPA stays high.

12. Do not forget to relax. Take up an extracurricular activity. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each day. Go to bed and wake up early each day. One way of forcing yourself to do this is to take the morning classes.

Good luck for your exam!


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