3 GAMSAT Facts You Must Know

How much do you really need to know to overcome the GAMSAT? As person with a degree already some people would argue that you need no specialised knowledge to do well. They’re very wrong as the thousands of people re-doing the GAMSAT will testify. Here are some pointers about GAMSAT that will set your facts straight.

How much do you need to know?

Here’s a small tip about GAMSAT for you: Despite how much (or how little) you know the GAMSAT will still test your limits. That’s because there are, to be blunt, far too many multiple choice questions in too short a time. It’s also slightly paradoxical that time is too short for the questions as the whole marathon will take five and a half hours to get through. Don’t take what you need to know with a pinch of salt, but remember even if you think you have the required levels of knowledge that without practice, practice and more practice you’re still severely unprepared.

How much science do you need to know?

Especially for the arts graduates coming to the test, the dreaded Section 3 science-focused questions can cause a lot of sleepless nights. Generally this is the level you’re expected to be at:

Biology and Chemistry – 1st year university level

Physics – Australian Year 12 level

Go through past papers on these topics to test what level you are at. If you’re lacking in expertise then the just short of two months time that you have left should be enough to start on some serious science remedial.

What level of English do you need?

If you’re coming in as an ESL remember that you will be allowed to use a bilingual dictionary, you of course need to ensure that your command of English is good enough for the GAMSAT and you’ll only be able to do that by going through past papers. For native speakers remember that even if you do have the right level of English then you still need to revise by exposing yourself to varied texts and questions. Of course the essay section needs not only a good grasp of English but also superior communication skills. This is the level you should be working at (bearing in mind that specific revision will be needed to):

English – HSC Standard English level

If the skills needed come as a surprise then you had better get studying!

image source: fvquotes.com

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