3 GAMSAT Section 2 Tips to Stand Out

Volumes have been written on writing winning GAMSAT Section 2 essays and experts have enlisted innumerable criteria for the GAMSAT candidates to make their write up come on scene. But now we’ve come up with our own unique blueprint and it throws limelight on how to hit essays with a BANG!

1. The Right Way to Do Things

Now you might have gone on the wrong track to make a brunt on your own salt mine while penning down your GAMSAT Section 2 essay on the D-Day. You certainly don’t wish your essay to grab attention for being out of line! So, on the first note, we’ll give away few lines to get that out of your way. The awry points include:


  • Extremely poor grammar, sentence construction and punctuation
  • A rambling, confused argument
  • Lack of clear layout: a weak introduction and an inapt conclusion
  • Very limited vocabulary


2. Grab Their Attention

Official GAMSAT literature says: “to organise and express your thoughts in a logical and effective way”, is to be your goal in GAMSAT section 2. We’ve discussed earlier on sources to keep you abreast in writing a good GAMSAT essay. Now we’re going to seize on one word “effective” as our means of crafting an impressive essay. Stroll along the path of history and you’ll find phrases mirroring famous, potent speeches. Consider:

“I have a dream”

“One small step for man…”

“We shall fight them on the beaches…and never surrender”

  • Can you treasure trove the common themes running through these lines? Whilst the word selection does not need to be particularly grand or verbose in each of these famous statements, and we’re sure that you can dig out  examples of many more, plunge deep into the  psyche to feel the incredible wrack up! If you can formulate an awe inspiring introduction to your essay you’ll be halfway to being effective and  you’ll immediately grab the examiner’s attention  Thus you’ll be on a positive slope.
  • Craft a great title! The GAMSAT section 2 essay is all about presenting your soft skills, and one of them is thinking on your feet. So, if you can conjure an eye-popping title at the first go, you have certainly shown you can think on your feet, and how!
  • And of course, if writing is not really your ‘thing’ you can always cheat! We’re not talking about plagiarism of course, but why not kickstart with a powerful quote from a historical figure? We don’t expect you to remember dozens of fitting quotes to go with every occasion; it is just a matter of a little imagination to remember a powerful quote and tailor the rest of your opening paragraph around it!

3. Be Bold

You can’t sound soft soap in your GAMSAT Section 2 essay! Start with a bold statement, even something along the lines of “It is definitely the case”, or “ Many people would be foolish not to believe…”. In this way, you’re completely the opposite of wishy-washy and have something to say, it’s now up to you to follow up the rest of your essay with a strong and well founded argument to support your powerful opening statements. Be clear and stand strong in your stance; there must not be any ambiguity.

Remember, there’s nothing better than a lot of practice, and getting feedback. It doesn’t matter if the first few are disappointing; negative feedback is the best there is. This is what your practice process should be like:

Making an impact is the principal idea when you are writing your GAMSAT section 2 essay. Remember that this is the only mode of communication via which you can convey to the examiner that you possess the soft skills required to be a competent doctor. Keeping that in mind, be as forceful as you can in your write-up.

image source: huffingtonpost.com, pinterest.com

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