3 GAMSAT Exam Day Tips for Every Candidate

The GAMSAT exam day is here!

Last minute cramming and revisions are done with, and the moment all the prep has been leading to is finally here. True, it might seem there is nothing left to do but arrive on time and give your best, but a bit of strategic planning for U-Day gives you an edge.

1. What to Bring on the Day of the GAMSAT

We’re going to hold your hand through an essential survival list for GAMSAT exam day. Forewarned is forearmed and we hope that our essentials list will take some of the stress and worry out of this important day.

Since you’re going to need to get to the venue, a map/directions/sat-nav should be first on your list. Add the miscellaneous but crucial items like some money and a fully charged mobile phone for unforeseen circumstances. Don’t take them into the examination hall, though.

2. At the Venue

Once at the venue you’re going to need your admission ticket, which you should expect to receive from ACER two weeks before, and you’re going to also need to prove your identity.

A driver’s licence or passport will be sufficient, as long as they have a current photo. If you have neither of these then a certified letter of identification should be enough, once again as long as there is a current photo attached. Remember that not being able to produce these on the GAMSAT exam day might result in being turned back from the venue.

D-day Inventory

All of the stationery you are permitted and more! We recommend bringing at least three pens in working order for the essay section, 3 pencils (HB) and an eraser and sharpener for the MCQ answer sheet. Your writing materials should present as little distraction as possible, so make sure that you have plenty of spares. It’s worth going on the ACER website a few days before the test to find if any rules have changed. As you know it is no longer permitted to bring a calculator, so double check any other changes beforehand as well.

3. Prohibited Items

Certain items are prohibited from the exam venue, so it is better to leave them back home. Do not carry with yourself the following:

  • Pencil case
  • Electronic personal organiser
  • Notes
  • Colouring pencil
  • Note paper
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Stopwatch
  • Food and beverages (other than bottled water)
  • Dictionaries
  • Books of any kind
  • Any kind of recording device (audio or visual)
  • Mobile phone
  • Portable music system
  • Earphones (unless you require them for medical reasons, in which case authorisation of the same is necessary)
  • Desk watches/clocks

Remember that if you are found in possession of any of the above-mentioned items once you have sat down for the test, it will be considered unethical behaviour, and the consequences might be severe. Misconduct penalties might include disqualification from the examination or withholding of the results.

Apart from this, bring some consumables. Remember it’s going to be a long day, well over six hours with all breaks and reading time included. That means that the mental test also verges on becoming a gruelling physical trial. With this in mind you need to plan a balanced lunch that won’t sap your energy, but will keep you at your best. At the same time, just as with any hard work, water is your best friend. So bring as many bottles as possible to sip throughout the GAMSAT exam day. At the same time, if you suffer from migraines or any other ailments, then be sure to bring the required medication.

These are really the basics we’d expect you to bring on the GAMSAT exam day. Look on a good lunch and water especially as just as important as the admission ticket. It’s no good being in the right place, at the right time and not performing at your best. Lucky Teddybears or Koala feet are of course optional!

image source: 9gag.com

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