3 Tips for Speed Reading in GAMSAT

Reading smart, not hard for GAMSAT

With 185 multiple choice questions spread between section 1 and 3 of the GAMSAT you’re going to be doing an awful lot of reading, dissecting, analysing, probing and extrapolating to answer the questions. That’s not even including proof reading your own essays for section 2 which is a whole different kettle of fish! Before you bail out at the thought of the massive mountain before you, start to think smartly about how you’re going to approach this. Try these strategies for speed reading in GAMSAT which should make give you a good chance of at least seeing every question.

Skim Reading

Learning to skim through the text is one of the best ways of speed reading in GAMSAT. When faced with a lot of writing before you, skim reading is one of the best techniques for just briefly touching on all of the information before you. You’ll use this type of reading to scan through whole blocks of text, particularly useful in the reading time that you have before you can put pen to paper.
Try not to digest any one bit of information, but just let your eye rapidly skim across whole sentences, the amount of info that you can get from a quick skim read is quite impressive with possible difficult questions able to be flagged up for later digestion. How fast can you scan? It’s purely dependent on what level of information you want to get from the text and your own reading speed.

Scan Reading

Let’s see how to use another method of speed reading in GAMSAT through an example.

Scenario: A dense quote or article that only has 3 questions attached to it.

Actions: Scan through the text looking for particular keywords or phrases that might be of relevance to answering the question. Particularly in section 1 this way of reading can come in very handy, particularly for slower readers. To fully digest every swathe of text is a huge burden, but if you know what you’re looking for or a rough idea of what a question is asking you , you can save yourself a lot of time just by scanning to that answer.

Close Reading

Finally the bottler of all techniques of speed reading in GAMSAT. With close reading you can prepare to spend as much time as you need to find the information you’re looking for. Now the trick in GAMSAT is to leave close reading as the very last resort, only after you’ve attempted to scan and skim your way to what you need should the areas you’ve honed in on be scrutinised microscopically with this reading method.

Remember this is as much a test of your abilities as it is a race against the clock, so use your reading abilities where and when they’re needed to make the most of your time and effort.

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