3 Tips to Plan a GAMSAT Essay

3 Tips to Plan a GAMSAT Essay

The Long Journey of Planning a Good GAMSAT Essay

The start of your GAMSAT essay planning should actually take place many months before the actual test. This surprising statement is actually a lot more intuitive than it would seem at first. Let’s see how your essay planning could actually stretch into eons of hard work.

What Should You Learn for the GAMSAT?

Aside from the very science-intensive questions of Section 3 there is little actual knowledge that you can bring to the table that will help you to pass. We’re not going to delve into the skills and practice you need to “learn” to write a good essay. But we’re also going to say that there is actually learning to be done. The matter is just not as dry or clear cut as writing a literary criticism or historical analysis essay.

What does the GAMSAT Test?

You’re being assessed not so much on your knowledge in section 2 but on your ability to communicate and express your thoughts. When you eventually become a medical practitioner as part of your daily work routine you’ll be researching, using others’ professional thoughts and even quoting. Especially if you’re writing medical papers or communicating thoughts, diagnosis and prognosis to fellow doctors.

The essays are designed for the examiners to see if you have the right stuff to be a medical student, by having a stock of quotes that you can recall to use in your essay, you’re not only showing them that skill, but also applying the technique that you will use in your medical student days and on into your medical career.

Stay Informed. Stay Updated.

Using illustrations is essential in a GAMSAT essay, and that is why you must keep yourself updated with as many current events as possible. Read up newspapers, magazines, journals- whatever you can lay your hands on to keep abreast of what’s happening.

This is why your essay planning should actually start to take place many months before the test. Revise with practice questions. Whilst you are doing this rote revision start to learn quotes that you can bend to your purpose in the actual test. In later articles we’ll look at some quotes that can be used to great effect and also how to use them to assert almost any idea.

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