9 Reasons Why it’s Great to Have a Doctor as a Best Friend

1. They are attentive.




With the amount of details a doctor must look keep in mind on a daily basis, you can be certain they are attentive to everyone aound. Be it a friend’s wedding or last minute packing for an impromptu trip, you can rely on them to have all the details in place.


2. They are smart.




Okay, not saying that it’s uncool to have a friend with less smarts. But let’s face it, a really smart friend is a boon; conversation is lively, and you have a firm hand checking you from making brilliant-looking-but-ultimately-foolish decisions.


3. You have a go-to physician.




You don’t have to look up a doctor every time you fall sick; you can simply fix an appointment with your best friend. And you just know you are in the right hands, and rely on honest opinions.


4. They are empathetic.




Thanks to their profession, empathy is hard-wired into doctors. So you always have a shoulder to cry on and a great listener in the worst of times.


5. The immense patience.




Doctors are constantly dealing with different kinds of people- patients and families and fellow health professionals. Naturally, patience is something they rarely ever- if at all- run short of. You can be really, really silly, and they will still handle you with equal patience.


6. You’re proud of them all the time.




This goes without saying, of course. Your best friend saves lives on a daily basis. They went through immensely grilling medical school to earn their degree, and they are putting their education in the noblest causes. He/she is a superhero on their own right.


7. The optimism.




Doctors are some of the most optimistic people on the planet (save perhaps Olaf). It takes a great many odds to make a doc give up, and it’s a treat to be around them when everything seems to go wrong. Be it a broken relationship or a job interview gone wrong, your best friend will always show you the silver lining.


8. Their zest for life.




It comes with the optimism. A doctor has to deal with human misery and death on a daily basis, and is hence filled with living life to the fullest. Each moment spent with them will be fulfilling in diverse ways.


9. It’s amazing how they handle the rough rides.




Doctors are no strangers to terrible conditions, long hours and the general load of unhappiness life can throw at you. Needless to say, they are not always stoical about all the sadness. Add to that the fact that they deal with the most critical of cases, and make life-altering decisions. Naturally, they become great at handling pressure.

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May 29, 2017

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