Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry: A Key Topic in GAMSAT Biology

Logical reasoning in Physical and Biological Sciences is one of the primary focuses of GAMSAT section III. The cardinal objective of ACER in creating this section in GAMSAT is to test the logical ability of GAMSAT aspirants in basic sciences. In Multiple Choice Questions, a supportive vignette is given and questions are designed specifically based on that given excerpt. Though the endeavour is to assess the reasoning skills of the candidates, yet, a brief prior knowledge over the basics of the concerned topic is highly appreciated.

GAMSAT demands a watch on your clock on the D-day for which conceptual clarity of the subject concerned escalates your mastery to crack the hard nut! Now, out of the numerous topics covered in GAMSAT biology, analytical techniques in Biochemistry call for paramount attention. This point will be clarified as we study the schematic diagram given below and try to answer the question that follows:


After heat denaturation, rapid cooling is applied to

  1. prevent DNA renaturation.
  2. increase mobility of the samples.
  3. prevent contamination.
  4. prevent DNA renaturation and increase mobility.

This diagram is based on the very important concept of gene mutation ; which is one of the complex chapters in molecular biology. It is also a classic example of the blend of molecular biology with biochemistry. The technique shown in the diagram is agarose gel electrophoresis, one of the most significant methods in biochemistry. A prior know how of the subject and the techniques commonly used in biochemistry will definitely ace your shot in winning the game, in this case, answering the question. According to the principle of agarose gel electrophoresis, slow cooling gives the denatured DNA the time to re-bond (anneal), but a rapid cooling fails to renature the DNA and keeps it in a denatured form. An insight into the theory of the technique gives you a conceptual clarity of the difference between rapid cooling and slow cooling; in this process you’ll save your precious time and need not undergo the rigorous process of deciphering the correct answer from analysing the diagram. So, read up the principles of the basic techniques used in biochemistry which will definitely give you an edge over others while solving the analytical questions in GAMSAT.

Let’s bring down the curtain. The given question assesses your knowledge of logic behind every step of the electrophoresis technique; if you shoot for answering the question by only observing the diagram, you might swim against the correct answer. I’ve already given rundown that time can be your biggest friend as well as foe while sitting for GAMSAT. It’s best not to exhaust all your time in answering all the questions analysing the diagram; rather glean your expertise over concerned subject and tighten your belt for more critical vignettes on analytical techniques in Biochemistry!


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