Australian Dental Schools Accepting GAMSAT

It’s not just medicine that can be studied with a good GAMSAT score. A good score will also gain you entry into Australian Dental Schools. Here’s our quick guide to the universities where a good GAMSAT score can be used to embark on a career in dentistry.

University of Sydney

With a hundred years of teaching dentistry this university enjoys a reputation as being amongst the five largest dental schools in the country. It also has the distinction of being Australia’s first dental faculty. While studying for your Bachelor of Dentistry degree you’ll feel right at home with the skills that GAMSAT tested you with, a quick rundown of the skills taught here, such as the use of problem based learning, really shows you how relevant GAMSAT is!


University of Melbourne

Bookmark 31 January as an educational day, as this is when the University will have their “Graduate Study Expo” which will tell you a lot more about the university. If you do visit then, you can expect to find a faculty of dentistry that has been around since 1904 and is still one of the best in the world, especially in the field of research. When you consider that it has ranked alongside Harvard School of Dentistry and that it has one of the largest graduate programs in the country, it starts to seem a fine choice of school.

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University of Western Australia

If you live in Western Australia you won’t be spoiled for choice for places to study dentistry as this is that areas only tertiary institute for dentistry. If you make it through their demanding courses which include:

Graduate Diplomas in Dental Education Studies,Dental Studies and Forensic Odontology

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

Then you might look forward to giving something back to the community if you’re fortunate enough to gain an internship, or even employment, at the on site Oral Health Centre which serves the dental needs of Western Australians.

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As a GAMSAT student interested in oral health, teeth and dentistry these choice of three fine schools should be more than enough to sink your teeth into!

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