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Whereas the concept of medical tourism is well explored and probably beyond the scope of a GAMSAT article; have you ever heard of STUDY TOURISM?

Probably not as it is a phrase we’ve just coined to illustrate the concept of studying and taking the test in one country for the purposes of medical entry in another land. To be honest, if it is feasible to do this it might actually be desirable because so much rides on the results of these important tests. What exactly do we mean?

Will a GAMSAT taken in the UK be valid in Australia

With our correspondence with ACER it does seem that this is the case. As your results are valid for two years you will actually be allowed to use them in different countries. Now there is a downside to this…

Two GAMSATs a Year?

As the test taken in Australia is very similar, and some would say that the questions sometimes even have a 100 % correspondence, you will no be allowed to take both in the same year. In other words if you perform poorly in the United Kingdom sitting of the medical entry exam , don’t expect to be able to fly out to Oz and do their test afterwards!

To sum up: The good news is that you can use your test results multi-nationally so if you would prefer to enroll in a medical school that is more to your liking in a different country , you’d be more than welcome to. And of course for every piece of good news there must be an accompanying item of bad news, so only one GAMSAT a year for you. Even if you’re travelling thousands of miles! So save yourself the price of a wasted air-ticket and make sure you get it right the first time!

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