Avoid the common GAMSAT Mistakes

After months of preparation, and excitement building up to the GAMSAT test you’ll want to do your best and not slip up. We’ve looked into some of the common mistakes that ruin candidate’s GAMSAT scores and with just about 3 months left to the test now’s the time to see the error of your ways is one of these reasons is close to the route that you’re headed down.


Lack of Preparation


There is a reason that ACER provides practice test papers you know! Websites like ours wouldn’t survive unless it was for students wanting to do their best at possibly the most important test in their life. Whatever your background there is always going to be one of the GAMSAT sections that is going to trip you up. And even if you are a savant, the format of the test with a huge amount of questions over a marathon length session, is something that needs careful preparation. Avoid the common GAMSAT mistake of not being prepared.


Last minute swotting


How serious are you about becoming a doctor? If you are you want to avoid the common mistake of cramming all your revision into the last week. With the next test being sat in March it’s just enough time to start your preparation now.But only just! With three different sections to the test, even if you have all the knowledge at your fingertips you still need to practice the test format and get used to what is required of you. Don’t leave it to the last minute!


Prepare in the right way


It can be very confusing finding the right ways to prepare for the test. Admittedly there are a lot of companies selling revision and practice tests about the ACER GAMSAT. Make sure that the materials you choose have a good reputation and are recommended by other students. Incorrect preparation materials is an often made mistake.

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