What is the Best Time to Take GAMSAT ?

You are thinking of taking the GAMSAT.

But you are wondering if this is the right time. There are several aspects you must consider to reach an answer.

Are You Working?

The GAMSAT doesn’t have an upper limit for age, which means that you can register even if you have been working for a decade. In fact, a lot of people do choose that track. But remember that this brings up a serious question to ponder upon: do you have the time to prepare? Maintaining a work-life balance is essential if you are preparing for the test and working at the same time. Of course, it’s not recommended that you quit your job to study; you must take care of the other obligations as well.

So, if you are working, we would recommend starting to prepare earlier than other aspirants. Prepare a strict schedule for yourself; outline the time you spend each day on studies, work and other chores. A plan is important, so stick to it.

Have You Been Working a Long Time?

This is pretty common among GAMSAT aspirants as well. In this case, preparing a schedule is necessary, of course. Starting your prep pretty early is also a requisite. What you must consider is the fact that you have probably been out of touch of a regular study schedule for a long time, and will take some time to adjust yourself to this new pattern. Allow yourself time for that. Studying requires a distinct mindset, so give yourself the time to hone your skills and settle yourself to this pattern. It might take a while, so don’t give up.

What were your subjects? Were you a non-science student or a science one? What were you good at? All these factors will come into play if you start studying after a long time. Start off with those subjects you have to prepare from scratch. Then move on to those you have to brush up on.

How Prepared for GAMSAT are You Academically?

GAMSAT aspirants can face troubles even if they are students. Section 3 requires a whole lot of prior knowledge in physics, chemistry and biology, and if science has never been your strong suit, more rigorous prep is essential. Defer sitting the test if necessary. If that’s not an option for you, start studying much earlier. Prepare your study schedule and devote more time to your weak zones.

What about Finance?

This is an aspect to keep in mind as well. Starting from registering for the test to going to college, the whole process is going to cost quite a lot. Review your finances to see if you are comfortable with spending the amount. Post-admission to a university, it’s going to be a while before you can work full time again.

If your finances don’t permit at the moment, start saving. The test takes place twice a year, which means you can sit for the test when it’s most convenient for you.

Are You Ready to Relocate Post GAMSAT?

This is a major point to think about. Even if finances permit relocating, there are a million other aspects: parents, siblings, children, a significant other, and even pets. Are you sure you will be able to balance everything? Look out for alternatives and make the arrangements.

Remember the GAMSAT is not a small step, but your life is important too. Consider everything.

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