6 Tips to Proofread GAMSAT Essays

Here’s why it’s absolutely essential to proofread GAMSAT essays once you are done with them: in Section 2 of the GAMSAT test you’ll be expected to produce 2 essays in an hour. These essays will assess your ability to communicate in a clear and professional manner. We’ve looked multiple times at how to structure and add content to both your “argumentative” and “personal” essays, but without that little five minutes check at the end, all of your efforts will look so much less impressive.

So am I Marked on Spelling and Grammar?

Section 2 is neither a spelling test nor a grammar test butoverall you are assessed on your ability to communicate a viewpoint fluidly and succinctly, if your grammar and spelling is poor it can seriously detract from even the best essays.

Time Limit to Proofread GAMSAT Essays?

A lot of factors come into play when you proofread GAMSAT essays. Remember in that hour you have to write, plan and edit two essays. Try to keep the length of your essay down to about 350-500 words. If you’re able to convey your ideas in less words than not only will you have less to proof read, but more time at the end to edit.

The Basics of Proofreading

This is a tricky thing to do but to start editing just hold your essay at arms length and look at it without seeing individual words. If all you see is one solid block of text without your eye being drawn to punctuation marks and paragraph breaks then you’ve committed the biggest essay crime! Remember the better your first draft (and let’s face it ,it will be only one draft with the limited time you have), the less you will have to change when you review your work. The “arms length” check should show up the major deficiencies like lack of paragraphs and gross under-use of punctuation.

The First Read Through

After the physical check go for the “speed read” check. Skim read swiftly through the essay with pen in hand to highlight anything wrong that stands out.

The Final Read

Notice as we’ve gone through the process we’ve narrowed our scope down further and further. The final read is where you actually perform a close and critical read of your essay. Already gross errors should have been highlighted, now in this final read you should be correcting the gross errors as you go along, finding lesser errors and seeing if the text itself makes sense.

Be Careful When You Proofread GAMSAT Essays

Remember proofreading is not just an end task but a process that should carry on throughout the essay. This isn’t a “spelling bee” but poor attention to detail will not only make your fantastic premise less elegant but also make you stand out in the marker’s mind for the wrong reason.

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