4 Tips to Ace the GAMSAT Essay Section for ESL Students

Arguably as an ESL student you might be facing the GAMSAT essay section with a lot of reluctance, depending on your English ability. So armed with only a Bilingual Dictionary to take them on can you do well at the essays?

1. While you’ll need a good level of English for the GAMSAT essay section remember that it’s not a test of your English ability, but a test of your ability to communicate. As a Doctor you’ll be speaking to a variety of people in your professional life, that’s why this part of the test is so crucial. Naturally you should be coming into the test with a fair grasp of English anyway, and as the essays give you a lot of leeway to write on many topics you shouldn’t feel restricted.

2. The quotes which are used as the starting point of your essay are all grouped around a common theme, establish what that theme is and use that as the basis for your own essay. In actual fact being an ESL candidate can actually help you out in the GAMSAT essay section. Let’s first look at how your basic essay should look before seeing the actual advantage you have as an ESL candidate.

3. In your preparation for the GAMSAT essay section you should stay up-to-date with current world affairs, memorise some quotes to use in the essay and write numerous practice essays. Always remember to stick to the logical introduction, main body/introduction of your points and conclusion format. It’s always a good idea to bring in your own opinion backed up by some well memorised quotes and examples. All of that is of course standard discursive essay practice and presented logically with good grammar and form should give you a fair essay.

4. The bilingual dictionary that you are allowed to use can really add some flavour and interest to your essay if you choose your wording correctly in the GAMSAT essay section. Your spelling and vocabulary choice will really benefit from this. You can also bring a very unique perspective to your essay if you bring in some of the exotic flavouring of your own culture. It will make your essay stand out from the normal derivative essays that the other Australian candidates will churn out and should really make your examiners sit up and take notice.

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