6 Tips to Improve GAMSAT Essay Handwriting

It is not an uncommon fact: most doctors write prescriptions that resemble either “chicken scratchings” or the Egyptian hieroglyphics! If you intend to take the GAMSAT, you must be well aware of the much dreaded GAMSAT essay section. The GAMSAT essay has to be written and not typed. And, if you are not one of those blessed with a decent penmanship, it is high time that you start preparing yourself for this section. Writing the GAMSAT essay has to be time-efficient as 30 minutes are all you have to make an impression on the examiner with your writing. But, remember that your essay, besides being a great write-up, also has to be legible in terms of handwriting so that the examiner can read your essay comfortably.

How to Improve Your GAMSAT Essay Handwriting?

Here are some things you need to keep in mind to deal with all your GAMSAT essay handwriting blues:

  • Be more conscious while writing stuff. Sometimes, you should slow down and observe yourself while writing. We all know how very different a doctor’s prescription is from a lovelorn letter. The difference lies in the speed. While a lover spends considerable attention on getting the script right, the doctor has more urgent matters to attend to. You need to ensure that the examiner reads your essays without getting stuck trying to figure out which alphabet it is; and the more comfortable you make the task of evaluation, the better.
  • Spend some time in scanning your weak points. And decide to work on them. Notice which letters you find difficult to write. If your ‘a’ looks like an ‘o’, be more conscious while writing it every time. With a few weeks of practice, you will write it the correct way without being too conscious or too slow.
  • Write big and bold or write small and simple but do what suits you best. Some may like writing in the modified print style while some may prefer the cursive. You don’t need to have a flourishing calligraphic style; just a legible one is sufficient. Do what gives you a neater end result. Sometimes writing smaller letters may make your handwriting more legible. But it is often seen that speedy writing results in slightly bigger letters. There is no page limit so do not worry about it. Try leaving a line between two written lines so that it looks more spaced out and neat.
  • Your handwriting is an expression of your mental state at that time. Being jittery during the GAMSAT will definitely show in your handwriting. Nervousness results in a cramped hand. Most people write in a jerky, jagged manner as they put too much pressure on the pen and paper while writing. Planning your essay and jotting down the main points beforehand, will help.
  • For a slick free-flowing style, use a good pen. Avoid the ballpoint pen like the plague if you are trying to improve your handwriting. Using a quality fountain pen or a gel roller has cured the ulcer for most people. It will slow you down a bit at first but keep at it to get the asset of a good handwriting.
  • Scribbling shows that you are nervous. Some people love to scribble. It is an absolute giveaway sign that you are nervous. In case you make a mistake and want to wipe it off, cross a line over it just once. Do not scribble over it so hard that it looks like a factory chimney spout. If you can’t resist the temptation then the last resort would be the dry correction tape. Many students have found it a most useful little tool during the GAMSAT.
  • Bonus Tip: Make sure you proofread your essays to make sure that everything is alright, and that the whole essay is legible. This is important.

These tips may not make your GAMSAT essay look like an elegant artwork but will definitely make it more readable. And remember that like all good things, a good handwriting, too, takes time to mature.

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