Craft Your Essay on Exam Day

This is not an article about how to write a good GAMSAT essay!
This article is only for you if you’re at your essay writing peak and want to fire up your expertise on the D day.

You’ve planned, rehearsed and written a number of essays in your practice sessions and still haven’t yet attained that finesse. Stop there. First prepare yourself and then get your hands to craft your deftness.

Read these tips to ensure that your essays stand out from the rest.

Set Your Basics in Order

  • ACER allows you a pencil, an eraser and a blue or black pen to write the test.  Make sure you have at least two of each. Surely you don’t want to struggle with a shoddy pen halfway through your test. The time loss might be minimal, but a defective pen could disturb your train of thought.
  • At the same time make sure you’ve taken a toilet break. Always keep a bottle of water handy.
  • Feel relaxed, breathe in and breathe out. Try to recollect the good essays that you’ve written in past. Don’t ponder on the Section 1 anymore, its history by now.
  • Read the instructions carefully before comprehending the sets of quotes given for writing essays.  You may come up with some changes in the question pattern by ACER.
  • Highlight key words in the set of quotations that reflect the particular subject matter and then articulate them into a coherent text.

Don’t underestimate these minute details.  Psychological impact boosts up your efficiency and efficiency means total command of your environment and tools. Look for the other articles in the subsequent weeks to hit the ground running as you start your essays.

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