Finding Inspiration for Essay Writing in GAMSAT

The essays you’ll be asked to write in Section two of the GAMSAT are quite contentious. As the examiners will be trying to test your ability to communicate, reason and get your point across the various quotes that you will be using as the springboard for your essays can be applied in whichever way you see fit. Your opinion will not be judged, but how effectively you communicate and support that opinion. As always the Australian Prime Minister is in the news. Her patriotic, keep Australia, Australian stance must surely incite a lot of dissent against some groups who might even go as far as dubbing Julia Gillard racist. Opinions aside though her speeches actually provide some great inspiration and even quotes and ideas for GAMSAT essays.


Applying newsworthy speeches to your essays

Remember that as part of your GAMSAT preparation you need to be on the ball when it comes to having an understanding of current happenings in the world and topical issues that are in the news. Taken from this viewpoint alone the Prime Minister’s speeches can easily be brought into your essays. Not only as reasonable material to back up any opinions you might or might not have, but also as points of departure for your own topics. It’s always a good idea to have quotes to use to show your knowledge and inform your arguments on your essay, so even these can be brought in. Remember that the examiners are only human, so are just as exposed to the news as you. You shouldn’t, of course, limit your understanding of the world and politics to this one politician’s ideas, but by bringing in some very controversial and topical ideas like these the examiners might see your essay stand out from the norm.

Look around you

Your arguments and reflections need not come from what famous and/or controversial people have said. It can come from what is happening around you. In a way, this is way better than lifting ideas from renowned speeches; when you find something relevant to the topic at hand in an event you saw unfold before your eyes, your understanding of the situation is automatically much better.  And more practically speaking, you have an argument and an illustration supporting the argument at the same time, exemplifying the proverbial stone that killed two birds.

Divert your mind a bit

That probably made you go ‘yeah, right!’, but stay with me a second. When you’re stuck on the essay with time doing a Bolt, the last thing you want to do is stay stuck on the same idea. And here’s the catch, the more you keep thinking about in, the more anything new will elude you. So, try thinking of something completely different for a minute. This will create a gap and a fresh perspective.

Jot down everything that comes to mind

Sometimes you’re stuck for ideas. and sometimes a million come rushing. Instead of pausing at the moment to sort them out, jot the ideas down as they come. Admittedly, not all of them will be equally great, and some will wither and die once they come in contact with the paper, but keep the sorting till after you are done jotting them down.

Inspiration is everywhere, really.

Topics in GAMSAT Sec 2 are pretty general, which means there is something related to it to be found around you. There might be a TV show or a movie where you came across a scenario depicting the topic you have chosen, and there you have your argument and a supporting illustration. And sometimes, you ave to look no further than your own experiences.


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