GAMSAT Biology: No Given Syllabus…Where Do You Begin?

One of the most frequent questions asked in any GAMSAT forum is about the closest possible syllabus for GAMSAT Biology preparation. Things may become too confusing for a GAMSAT aspirant if he does not know the validated facts. ACER has not outlined any predefined syllabus for GAMSAT Section III. However, if we look deeply into the last few GAMSAT question papers, a prominent pattern is visible.

Basic Overview of Questions

ACER never designs mere Q&A questions that ask you to define a theory or scientific term. Rather, GAMSAT questions deal with conceptual understanding. Section III passages usually contain a case-study with diagrams, graphs or a flow chart. The answers to the MCQs are well-hidden and fragmented in varies clues which could only be collated with proper logical reasoning. Nevertheless, a basic understanding of the basic Sciences will help you in deducing the correct answer fast and save precious minutes. A candidate with some basic understanding of core concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics will spend much less time with a particular question, than a candidate who is familiar with just the terms and phenomena dealt with in the given GAMSAT passage.

Topics Covered in Section III

The following topics from biology are most frequently covered in GAMSAT Section III:

1. Cell Biology and Cell Division – Basic structure of the cell, Cell membrane and Membrane transport, Mitosis and Meiosis, Techniques for organic molecule analysis (Chromatography and ELISA).

2. Enzymes – Mechanism of action, enzyme kinetics and enzyme inhibition.
3. Macromolecules and Cellular Metabolism – Structure and Metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.
4. Musculoskeletal system – Integument, skeleton, locomotion and movement.
5. Gastrointestinal system – Digestion and absorption.
6. Circulatory system – Body Fluids and circulation.
7. Respiratory system – Breathing, gaseous exchange.
8. Excretory system – Structure of nephron, excretory products and mechanism or removal.
9. Neuromuscular physiology and nervous system – Neural control, coordination and sensory reception

10. Homeostasis, Water, Electrolytes and Acid-Base balance

11. Reproductive system – Structure and function of male and female reproductive organs.
12. Embryology – Foetus development and pregnancy, Foetal circulation.
13. Immunology – Immune system components and mode of function, hygiene.
14. Microbes and communicable diseases – Microbial growth, antimicrobial agents.
15. Genetics – Mendelian inheritance, monohybrid and dihybrid cross, Chromosome structure and components, chromosomal inheritance.
16. Endocrinology and hormonal pathways.

Note to Remember

Of course, it is wrong to assume that GAMSAT Biology questions will come from only the above mentioned topics. ACER might include any topic as and when they deem necessary. However, these are the most popular and frequently questioned-upon topics for GAMSAT Biology till date. Hence, a good background and a clear understanding of these topics will prepare the candidate well enough to withstand the most difficult Biology questions.

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