GAMSAT Chemistry: Acids, Bases and Everything In-Between

GAMSAT Chemistry and the topic of acids and bases seem to have a natural bond! Questions from this part of inorganic chemistry are pretty common in GAMSAT Section III.

Every year candidates work hard to go through each and every topic in physical and biological sciences to appear and qualify their GAMSAT exams. Therefore, a little guidance to the preferred topics of this section gives an extra edge.

Broad Classification of Chapters

For an aspirant to score full marks in questions related to this topic, he/she must go through certain chapters in chemistry:

Concepts of Acids-Bases Oxidation Reduction Reactions
Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium Volumetric Analysis

A thorough study of these GAMSAT courses will help the aspirant gather sufficient knowledge in order to solve all the questions related to acidity or basicity or a chemical ion or compound.

You must know the buffering capacity of the acids and bases with the range of pK values for each of them. This will help you study the titration curves and solve numericals on the same. Also, you must know the indicators for studying the acid and bases neutralisation reaction.

Emphasise on sub-topics:

Strength of different acids and bases Strong and weak oxidising agents Dissociation constants

Question Pattern

You can also take a note of the various types of questions that are likely to be seen on your GAMSAT question papers by following the four GAMSAT sample paper books (the green, blue, red and purple books) issued by ACER.

Once you have noted down the pattern of questions you can start practicing for them by following various GAMSAT preparation courses and practice papers.
Also keep in mind to track the time that you require to solve each paper and develop a habit of utilising lesser and lesser time with each attempt.

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