GAMSAT: Cracking the GPA Monster


You want to sit for GAMSAT. But do you fulfil the basic requirements to sit for this exam? Do check if your GPA meets the required minimum. GPA is the first hurdle that you need to cross.  Do not be intimidated by the procedure. The following points will be helpful in gaining a clearer understanding of the process:

  • GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It is a means of reducing the scores of students from different grading systems to a universal standard grade scale between 0-7. It ensures that the scoring system is fair.
  • The GAMSAT Grade is the value given to each percentage score (or number/letter) based on a scale of 0-7.
  • The GMAC office controls all operations for GPA calculation. Any queries regarding the same must be sent to
  • The GPA calculation is done online. You have to enter your details into an online GPA calculator that will automatically generate your GPA1, GPA2, and GPA3. (However, in case the online calculator is closed, forms can be downloaded from the ACER website and the calculations done by hand.)
  • To calculate the GAMSAT grade equivalent for each subject, it is simpler to work backwards from your current most subject chronologically through all the degrees until you hit the equivalent of 3 years full time. Ignore how long this took you in calendar years – it’s irrelevant. These become your GPA subjects.
  • In case you are an Honours candidate, GPA will include a list of failed subjects. It will also include the thesis and coursework done during that course. (However, there is an exception between ‘on course’ Honours and an Honours degree awarded at the end of a separate Honours year. ‘On course’ honours refers to an Honours degree awarded along with a normal Bachelor’s degree at the end of the course, based on academic performance. Such a degree is not to be treated specially during GPA calculation.)
  • GPA cannot be calculated on current subjects (a course in progress) as there are no real scores available for calculation.
  • In case you have some subjects from a course which you chose to withdraw from or discontinue, the GAMSAT grade assigned is ‘0’.
  • Failed subjects also need to be included in GPA calculations. All such subjects are assigned a ‘0’ on the GAMSAT scale. An ungraded pass, however, does not need to be included in the GPA calculations.
  • Selection of the appropriate grading scale is to be done carefully. Make sure your particular University’s grading system has not changed by checking with the respective Academic Registrar.
  • Certain universities do not give unit values on your mark sheet. In that case you have to use an official record of credit hours (to be obtained from your university office) dedicated to each subject and enter the value accordingly.

These points will help you in forming a basic idea of the GPA calculation process. The GAMSAT exam is designed to ensure fair selection and so does the GPA calculation procedure.

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May 29, 2017

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