GAMSAT for ESL Students: Part III

In our previous articles in this series we spoke about how GAMSAT ESL students can deal with section 1 and section 3, along with some general tips to improving your command over the language. Finishing off our guide for GAMSAT ESL students is our advice for Section 2 and specific help you’ll need on honing your English skills.

Specific help for GAMSAT ESL Students

Notice that we haven’t devoted a single paragraph to the essay part of the test in our ESL guide. That’s because the language ability you hopefully gain in your preparation for the other sections can be brought across to Section 2. But more help is needed too.

Even if you have a fantastic grasp of English, like any GAMSAT ESL student, you’ll find that the spoken word and the written word are massively contrasting. Firstly build up from the reading that you’ve already done and start to look not only at GAMSAT essays but also, if possible, essay responses written by other students.

Practicing your written English will not only help your language skills in general but also give you a better grounding for Section 2. Writing is only part of the solution though for the GAMSAT ESL student. You need to find out if your writing is not only a good essay response but is also written in an acceptable level of English. The only way around this is to have it evaluated by others who have a good command of English. Keep getting your essays checked, and along wit general feedback, notice what is being commented on your language. Practice is the best way of improvement, and it should be no holds barred.

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