10 GAMSAT Essay Tips to Choosing the Right Topic

You read the set of quotes given and flounder at the very first step. Do you feel your position tightfisted while writing a GAMSAT essay? Perhaps, when you frame an essay, your focus should lie on understanding the subject of the essay.

1. Take the comment, not the theme

The different comments revolve around a generic theme, like happiness or slavery, while the comments are different perspectives on the theme. You need to choose at least one of the comments and formulate your response.

2. Read between the lines

Read between the lines and try to discern what the “set of quotes” pass on.

3. Agree/disagree

Which topic do you agree/disagree with the most and have maximum to speak about? Run the quotes in your mind for a check.

4. Why we DON’T agree 

Often we have more to say why we DON’T agree to something than why we DO agree. If that’s the case about the topic, go with disagreement.

5. Neutral stance 

A neutral stance is fine as well,but remember that you must have equally strong opinions on all aspects to make a neutral stance come off well.

6. Reflect two opposite principles

Often a set of quotes reflect two opposite principles. You must determine them before penning down.

7. Understand the quote(s)

Make sure you understand the quote(s) well. You must know what the author intended to relay before interpreting the same.

8. Incorporate the essence 

Go with the theme and incorporate the essence of all the quotes if you cannot choose among them. Better safe than sorry.

9. Language skill

Fabric of your write up depends a lot on your language skill. This perhaps does not imply that you use highly complex words. Instead, you should intent at a readable vocabulary to render an unruffled flow.

10. Drafting your GAMSAT essay

If you horn in your view-point while drafting your GAMSAT essay, you may lose on chartering your stance in terms of knowledge and interpretation of facts concerning the particular issue gleaned from the set of quotes.


A point to remember – you won’t be judged on your views in the GAMSAT essay. The examiner will test your ability to articulate thoughts with substantial historical/current evidences. Collate the above points, write a sensible piece and you’ll get a winning score!

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