GAMSAT Essay Tips: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Writing the GAMSAT essay becomes an easy task once you familiarise yourself with some of the rules, and know which pitfalls to avoid. Here, take a look at some great GAMSAT essay tips to learn what you must NOT do in section 2.

Messing up the structure

For starters, never deviate from the structure of the essay. The essay has four parts structurally: the title, introduction, body and conclusion.

No illustrations

Never neglect to add examples to the essay. Illustrations serve as the solid background against which your arguments can be tested and their credibility validated, without which your arguments remain either hypothetical or fail to convince the reader.

Writing too much

A too-long essay tends to become boring and even repetitive; besides, remember that the examiner will be checking a lot of write-ups, and a 700-word article runs the risk of being skimmed through. Stick to 350-500 words.

Deviating from the topic

The GAMSAT essay is designed to test your coherence and logic. So, deviating from the chosen topic is a bad idea. Don’t say things that don’t need to be said. Place only those arguments that are most relevant to your stance.

Bad language

This is a total put-offer in terms of a write-up, so avoid this like the plague. Recheck your essay once it’s one to get rid of spelling mistakes and incorrect constructions. Again, remember that communication is the key, so keep the language simple.

Omitting a review

Never, ever make this mistake. Writing in a flow results in many minor mistakes, and you must weed them out during a final review after the essays are written. This way, you can also see if the write-up shaped up the way you visualised.

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