GAMSAT Exam Strategy: Dealing with the Easy Questions

Preparation for GAMSAT involves a lot of dedication and hard work.  Management of time is a major point that students must remember at all times. The time limit of 5½ hours that you get for GAMSAT might seem pretty short in comparison with the number of questions you will solve. However, if you know how to tackle this situation, the job will become much easier.

Categorise Your Paper

Stop being anxious about your preparation once you are inside the test venue. Instead, focus on what lies ahead. Read the instructions minutely. Scan the paper carefully during the time you get for this purpose. You will find that you can easily divide the paper into three parts:

  • Questions you can certainly answer
  • Questions you have a 50/50 chance of solving correctly
  • Questions you can only blind-guess

Tips to Spend Minimum Time on Easy Questions

  • Make a mental note of the questions that fall in the first category. Do NOT mark them with a pencil as you don’t have permission to write anything during the time you get to go through the paper and instructions.
  • Start off with the easy questions at once as soon as you begin to write.
  • If you get stuck on any of these questions, spend a maximum of a minute on it. Move on to the next one.

Come back to the questions you had left out in the first attempt at the end of the paper. Keep some time aside for revision so that you can solve these questions and correct mistakes. Follow the same method when you solve the mock papers as well, to habituate yourself with the process.

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