GAMSAT Test Structure

The GAMSAT question paper is divided into three sections, namely:

Section 1 – Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences -100 minutes
Section 2 – Written Communication -60 minutes
Section 3 – Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences -170 minutes

Section 1 – Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences – The 75 questions in this section are multiple choice format with four alternative answers to choose from. Many of these questions are passage based, where the passage can be in the form of a poem, a novel excerpt, a journal excerpt or an extract of a critical theory. The aim is to allow candidates to make judgements based on the passages using plausible reasoning. In addition to this, there are questions based on cartoons, proverbs, graphical data, and diagrammatic representations.

Section 2 – Written Communication – This section tests the candidate’s control of language, grammatical structure and expression. This section involves essay writing where the candidates are given two themes in the form of two sets of quotes and they have to write two essays related to these themes. Thought, content, organisation and expression are tested by three independent examiners.

Section 3 – Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences – The 110 questions in this section are designed to test reasoning and problem solving capabilities in a scientific context. Questions are made up of: 40% Chemistry, 40% Biology and 20% Physics. Passage-based multiple choice questions are used and candidates are required to prove their ability to evaluate evidence and categorize information to generate strategies and problem solving techniques.

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