GAMSAT Exam:How To Start Preparation

The GAMSAT or the Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test is for students aspiring for a career in medicine , veterinary, optometry or dentistry and can thereafter seek admission in Australian National university, Deakin university, University of Melbourne amongst others. GAMSAT eligibility requires one to be a graduate in any discipline. However there is no particular inclination towards any specific degree. Arts and social science students are also equally eligible. One need not be an Australian citizen to sit for this test; foreign students can apply as well. The exam takes place once every year. The tests are also widely taken in England and Ireland as well. So, one must focus on making quick preparation for the test so as to gather magnificent result.

For a keen candidate an ideal GAMSAT preparation should include a systematic preparation in biology, chemistry and physics and also a basic knowledge of the English language. The first section tests topics ranges from social sciences and arts. The second section tests the examinees writing skills. The third section deals with the science subjects. The examinees are given ample time to complete the test. However time management is also a crucial factor for preparing for the exam.

For those candidates who want to prepare for the test, the best source of GAMSAT study is ACER who provide the students with an authentic study material. Most importantly, the aspirants get an overview of the type of questions to be expected. The sample questions and the practice questions help the candidates to get an idea about the pattern of the question paper. The question paper is more reasoning oriented than knowledge based and students must keep that in mind while they begin with their preparation. It tests the skills and know-how of the candidate and their ability to use their logical expertise. Candidates must keep in mind that a regular course of study, systematic handling of the relevant topics is the most important factors for preparing for the test. Last minute study helps very little. So, knowing how to begin preparing with the proper lead is perhaps the only way which guarantees the aspirants an assured success in GAMSAT.

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May 29, 2017

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