GAMSAT- How to Cover Options and Guess Well in MCQs

Answering GAMSAT Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions sometimes referred glibly to as “multiple guess questions” form the first and third sections of the GAMSAT test. We’re going to look at some general strategies that will help you to take on these multiple choice questions.


Remember that there are going to be a lot of questions to answer, 185 in fact spread over both section 1 and 3. You see, it’s not just a question of working well, but also putting you under pressure, just like a real medical student would have. So even though you might think that it will be easy to use the multiple choice format; without good time management you might find that what would have been easy questions to answer might be sacrificed as you’ve spent too much time quibbling over more difficult questions.

An answering strategy

The question of time is always going to feature with such a large bulk of questions to get through, so a strategy needs to be put into place that will allow you to make best use of your time. The method that we’re going to recommend has been successfully used by GAMSAT students before and really boils down to attempting what you’re good at and leaving “problem questions” for later. Don’t get overexcited and write off too many questions as too difficult, if the whole exam was too easy it would not be worth taking after all!Multiple Choice Questions

A process of elimination should be used to maximize your chances. In the reading time that you have prior to the clock ticking down for the actual test start you need to start formulating your plan. For Section 1 use the reading time to find out which passages you’ll be more familiar and comfortable with. Some passages will be more complex than others, some will simply appeal more to your own general knowledge. Use the reading time to decide which passages and question sets should be attempted first. Theoretically using this approach to section 1 will not only make the best use of your time, but also give you a psychological boost by improving your confidence as you happily attempt questions that seem easy to you.

Prioritising which questions to answer

It’s obvious that some questions will be a sticking point for you in both of the multiple choice sections. If a question seems far beyond your knowledge or ability simply mark it with a question mark on the exam paper and move on. Staying stuck on an “impossible” question will not only force you into a negative frame of mind, but also waste your time.

When attempting each question make sure that you know precisely what the question is asking. There will more than likely be one or two answer options that are clearly wrong. Cross these off and then try to wean out the answer from the remaining options. If you’re still undecided then mark the whole question with an asterisk and move on.

At the end of the paper you’ll find that you’ll have three categories, questions you’ve answered, questions that have an asterisk next to them that only require you to narrow down the options to select what you think is the right answer and questions with a question mark next to them.

At this stage go through and attempt the asterisked questions and leave what you regard as the hardest questions (those marked with a question mark) until the end.

Following these methods you’ll have that initial confidence boost and make the best use of your time in answering the GAMSAT MCQ’S.

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