GAMSAT Preparation: Basic Rules To Remember

Basic Philosophy for GAMSATBasic Philosophy for GAMSAT

Considering that a full section of the GAMSAT is devoted to the humanities and social sciences it would be a good idea to at least have a general introduction to philosophy to understand not only some of the texts that you might come across, but also to achieve a more holisticunderstanding of more “humanity” orientated ideas. And of course that’s not to forget that what you learn can also be applied in Section 2.Here’s our quick guide to some modern philosophy theories:

Empericism: The belief that all we experience comes from our five senses, there is no “higher truth”.

Existentialism: A confusing philosophy with the closest definition being: existence is very personal and can only be defined for every individual.

Logical positivism: The search for meaning determined by logical deductions and sense verified experiences is one of the foundations of this philosophy.

Phenomenology: We have experiences and each idea or thing that we experience has a personal meaning attached to it.

Objectivism: Concept formation, inductive logic and the belief that a greater truth exists beyond consciousness underpins this philosophy.

 Do we really need to know philosophy for GAMSAT?

The test is designed to not just find medical practitioners with superior scientific knowledge, that’s the old way of doing things. A caring, feeling doctor who is able to communicate effectively with patients is the way forward. GAMSAT tests this ability and that’s why understanding philosophy will not only help you in some section one questions, but also in becoming a more well rounded person.

Our brief look at philosophy is only a start, try Nigel Warburton’s “Philosophy, the basics” as part of your continued test preparation.

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