GAMSAT Preparation: Be Self-Directional

How GAMSAT Prepares You For The Real World

We came across this phrase while researching about Australian postgrad dental courses for GAMSAT students :” a course which utilizes problem-based learning, self-directed learning and self-evaluation.” With this dental degree description in mind we asked ourselves the question : “Is GAMSAT a good way to prepare you for real world circumstances?”Let’s consider the GAMSAT sections. Can two multiple choice sections and two essays really give you usable skills? Well going on the above statement there’s actually a lot to be said about the whole idea surrounding this test. Firstly all the preparation you’ve done for it has been off of your own back. Even if you’ve enrolled in tutor sessions or evening classes to get the lack of some knowledge up to speed, it’s all been solely your own doing. The dental or medical degree that you are going to go into needs you to approach it with drive and vigor  by enrolling in and studying for GAMSAT you’re very much ticking the box for “self-directed learning”.


While it is completely possible that you are in classes or with a tutor to help you to prepare, this is the road less traveled for the average GAMSAT student. That means that your “official” preparation probably consists of at best the official ACER practice test papers and a reputable online prep course (you’d be very foolish to approach the GAMSAT with anything less). Guess what, most of these, rely on you to mark your own test papers. See that sub title above, do you think you fit there. Yes, you do!

Problem Based Learning

All we’re going to say for this is: See Section 3! Master the MCQs you’ll find there and you’re well on your way to becoming a master at problem based learning!

Here are some more buzzwords from that GAMSAT entry dental course: “practice with cultural safety”;”show proficiency in clinical and communication skills”;”apply knowledge of…social sciences”. Now look at ACERS’ aims in having you write the GAMSAT and you’ll see that a lot of it links up to what you’ll eventually study and practice.

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