Preparing for GAMSAT- Beyond Books and Question Papers

You’ll find that despite the many things said about GAMSAT across the Internet most of the sites and sources all tend to agree that you don’t actually need knowledge to do well in the examination. It’s more a test of reasoning than of knowledge. Now of course doing practice exams is fantastic for giving you a very good heads up on what the exam involves and even to provide you with some crucial practice. But there are other more lateral ways that you can use to make your brain more “GAMSAT ready.”


Training your brain


Following on from the fact that the exam is a test of your reasoning we need to look at ways that you can improve your reasoning skills. Now there are many ways and means to do this, one could certainly argue that as society has moved more toward a lifelong learning ethos that people have become more conscious of the need to keep their brains active.

Indeed in recent years the multi-billion pound video game industry was rocked by a little known logic game called “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training”, unbelievably many millions of copies of a game were sold that had as its main focus, a series of mini logic games from number counting to verbal wordplay that would be played. The game became highly addictive as players competed against themselves to be assessed by the game for their theoretical brain age.


While we’re not wholly advocating using this, and the hundreds of other logic testing games that it spawned, as a total learning program for GAMSAT, there’s no reason why it couldn’t feature as part of your preparation. After all it is undoubtedly the case that your brain will not be at its most effective without constant use. So if you find that you’re perhaps a few years out of school and you can’t perform the mental gymnastics that you once could, a logic game might be the perfect prep-lite treatment that you need to get going again. And it doubles up as good relaxation too!


Learn about your World


As a doctor you need to be engaged with the world and aware of issues that can affect your patients and medicine as a whole. Even before you attempt the GAMSAT you need to be starting to think like a trained medical practitioner. So access to not only quality newspapers but also medical and scientific journals will start to get you into the mindset of a doctor. Not only will you be exposed generally to what is happening in the world, but also specifically through medical journals to contemporary issues that will one day become part of your working life. It’s a great way to get your brain stimulated and if your actual test paper raises issues that will be found in these publications it will be a great boost to your confidence too.


Sound mind, sound body


You’re clearly not going to want to attempt your GAMSAT either sick, under the influence of alcohol or drunk. So in the initial stages even months before your test you might want to consider leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Not only will your body respond well to light exercise and an improved diet, but you’ll find the boost to your immune system and self image will really bring the best out of you when it comes to test time.

As this test could be the only way you’ll ever fulfill your dream of going to medical school it is up to you to be ready when the time comes. Think a little out of the box and you’ll find that in your day to day life there are many opportunities to start to expand your mind in the right direction to take on the test.

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