GAMSAT Preparation: Last Minute Preparation Tips

Are you counting down yet? Not to payday nor to a New Year’s Eve party ,but to March’s GAMSAT sitting? if you haven’t yet started to prepare you really are starting to push your luck and are leaving it a little late. We’d suggest to start right now and hopefully you’ll never have to use our guide for last minute preparation.

The right attitude

Remember that you’ve paid good money to enrol in the test so we’re hoping that it’s not just apathy on your part,but circumstances beyond your control that have caused your studies to slip. Well no matter what make sure that you get your money’s worth by sitting the test, whatever your level of preparation. Do your best and you might surprise yourself, and at the very least you’ll know what to expect in your next sitting.

Practical Advice

They’re of course not the best method of preparation for a well prepared candidate but if you are now wishing you were someone else (ie. somebody more prepared) you should get the practice tests from ACER and attempt them under proper exam conditions. Include break times and the same rules that you will follow on test day. This will give you the best idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

Focus your study

Using the test papers to find where you are weak or absolutely clueless will allow you to focus in on your last minute prep. At the very least learn specific terms and general ideas behind sections that are leaving you completely confused. It’s a good idea, especially for this whose undergrad studies have led in a different direction, to hone in on chemistry. This can sometimes be as much as 40% of Section 3 and is very hard to answer for somebody lacking all knowledge.

For those unused to expressing themselves practice essays are a must, as is finding the jargon from literature and poetry that often crops up (look to our previous articles for help here.)

Finally keep on going over those practice papers, ACER and otherwise, making sure you keep track of what is needed, even keep notes on what you’ve learned. Generally though,as this is your career on the line, if you’re reading this article with plenty of time to spare then don’t waste it! Take your prep as seriously as you would your eventual career.

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