GAMSAT in a Nutshell: Registration, Resources & More – Part two

While we’re on the topic of looking at different ways of presenting information you should know that Poetry is also featured in Section 1. If you haven’t touched this form of writing for a long time then now’s the time to get to grips with it and include poetry analysis in your preparation. You’ll also come across other types of writing such as graphs and charts-which of course is what you’d expect to be able to interpret as a doctor anyway.

Writing revision

Remember that you’ll need to write two essays, so practice is the order of the day. We’re just briefly introducing some of the GAMSAT intricacies here, so we won’t go into depth suffice to say that looking at other student’s essays will give you a good idea about planning and setting out your essays.

And now the Sciences…

You can’t substitute a well planned revision program but if you’re looking for quick resources to bump your science knowledge up we’ve got a few recommendations.

The Khan Academy videos give you a good idea of some of the basic concepts and ideas that you’ll need for the science questions. Pair them up with the power that is YouTube and you’ve got a powerful set of starter resources for general science problems.

Textbooks and dedicated series like the McMurry textbooks are invaluable when it comes to some of the more specialized areas like Organic chemistry.

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Also remember that some of the underpinning of the science questions is mathematics so look to improve and revise yours especially as calculators are no longer allowed.

 Going that bit further

We’ve only ever intended this article to be an introduction. To some of the structure and resources that you’ll need to master GAMSAT, if you’re needing to find out more than check out forums like Paging Dr forum to find out more info and of course dedicated blogs like ours. If GAMSAT is showing to be your chosen route into medicine then remember to take it seriously and plan and prepare in the best ways possible.

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