GAMSAT in a Nutshell: Registration, Resources & More – Part I

Most of our readers are devoted to GAMSAT so will know all the ins and outs of the infamous test. For those who’ve just stumbled across the test we’ve got a brief overview of the GAMSAT and some resources that will be handy for your study if you choose to go down the post-grad med route.

Register for the GAMSAT

The first step on the road to medical study is to actually register for the test. The ACER website (the company responsible for GAMSAT) is the place to register. Here you’ll also have access to basic info about the test such as its structure and the ability to buy practice papers. Remember that the rules of the test do sometimes change too, so here you’ll find out handy facts such as that since 2012 no calculators are allowed.

What you should study

Don’t believe the hype that you can pass the test without studying! Divided into 3 sections starting with multiple choice questions to test your reasoning in humanities and social sciences, followed by two essays and then further multiple choice questions on the sciences. Expect the five and a half hour test to be as much of a test of your abilities as of your stamina.

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Some ideas for GAMSAT Resources

The whole idea behind the test is that you need to be a well educated and empathetic communicator because those are desirable traits for doctors. With that in mind you need to be broadening your horizons, here are some of the ways that this can be done:

For reading

Read at least one good quality newspaper daily such as : The Australian/SMH, ABC news or The Economist.You’ll gain a good exposure to many issues that will be of importance to you as a well rounded doctor, you’ll also start to practice the ability to think and evaluate information critically. A skill you can carry on practicing by reading… political cartoons, which are always a great way to test your understanding skills and also your ability to take in information in different ways.

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