GAMSAT Preparation: Prioritize As Per Urgency

What is the hardest GAMSAT QUESTION?

This is actually a very subjective question and purely depends on the background that you’re coming from. One of the factors that do make a big difference is that Section 3 has the biggest weighting for the overall score as it has a double weighting.


From the perspective of a Science Background

Perspective of science

The double weighting of the so-called science section is nothing to get all over confident over if you’re from a science background. It’s actually argued that in many ways a science major is at a disadvantage, especially with more mathematically inclined degrees.

The reason behind this is that if you’re not used to writing essays or thinking in more abstract terms, the first two sections could really throw you. It’s generally acknowledged that if you’re from a similar learning background to this that the poetry questions that you might come across in Section 1 require the most abstract thought and specialized terms so will present the biggest problem for you.


From the perspective of a Social Science/Humanities student

perspective of humanities student

So you think that you’re a good essay writer, reading between the lines presents no problems to you and every poet from Kipling to Shakespeare has been mastered by you, are you ready for the exam?

Let’s hope that you answered no to that, because without some rudimentary knowledge (if not a lot depending on your level of science knowledge), you are certainly going to fall flat on your face.

There are a few shortcuts which you can take if you’re desperately short of time, such as skipping on the physics questions which mostly feature less in and of a lesser difficulty than the biology and chemistry questions. Taking shortcuts is no road to success, so if you’re really out of touch with the sciences you need to start preparing well ahead of the test.

As a former social sciences student I believe that the chemistry questions with a lot of jargon and formula are the hardest ones you might come across.

Whats the big question

So to answer the very subjective question, “What’s the hardest GAMSAT question?” It’s really only a question that you yourself will know the answer to, as it depends on your own level of knowledge.

The GAMSAT will test you to a very high level, no matter your background. Adequate preparation and refreshing your skills are necessary for every candidate.

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