GAMSAT: Retention Is Necessary – Part One

What is your GAMSAT comfort zone?

Have you heard of comfort zones? Particularly in fitness training the term comfort zone refers to that area of your performance that you’re happy to stay in. If you’re running for example your comfort zone is that speed that you’re quite happy to plod along at. The thing is unless you push yourself outside of your comfort zone you’re unlikely to ever improve your performance. And the thing is if you ever have to do something that makes you uncomfortable you’re likely to come a cropper. So what does this mean for you as a potential GAMSAT student?

Your first degree that you’ve just completed or are about to complete has taken you down a certain route of study. You might have elected to go down the route of an arts orientated or a science orientated degree for example.

As you’ve spent the last few years learning a certain field of study you’ve probably become very good at your specialized area. But the shock is that GAMSAT relies on a very mixed bag of skills.
In a series of a few articles we’re going to give you a few examples of the type of questions that you might come across in the GAMSAT. We’re working on the assumption that you already know the format of the test, but now it’s time to really be honest with yourself and find out where your comfort zone lies. Once you know what you’re comfortable with, be like the fitness fanatic in our analogy: push your limits and get out of your comfort zone to enable you to study and excel in all of the separate GAMSAT sections….

If you’re a very literal minded person and might find poetry analysis difficult for example you need to step out of that comfort zone and immerse yourself in poetry. In a way students of the arts will have a little bit more motivation when it comes to this as the double weighted science questions of Section 3 will be a massive obstacle for them if they don’t bump up their science knowledge to GAMSAT standards….

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