GAMSAT Preparation: Specific Learning Is Useful


Now that you’ve spent the last few years of your life in intensive study you should have a good idea what your learning style is before embarking on intensive GAMSAT study.

Now naturally we’re in the business of providing GAMSAT preparation materials (and we like to think that we’re quite good at it), but this is only part of the preparation that you should consider doing, especially if your mind thrives on other learning styles aside from flying solo. We’re going to introduce a few other ways you can learn for GAMSAT in this article, ways that are actually quite accessible and you might like to know about.

Better learning styles for your particular needs could be the GAMSAT Forums, the internet is filled with many ways and means to get advice and ideas on different aspects of the test.In a way this is just like guided study too, as you’ll be seeking answers from like-minded people who have done the test before.

If you like this social aspect of learning and want to take it even further there are even Facebook groups springing up dedicated to the black art of GAMSAT. If forums and lurking on the Internet to find solutions to your study woes is not up your alley then you might even consider finding a group to join.

Most major cities have dedicated GAMSAT study groups which welcome all comers, again the Internet is a good way to find these.

Now if you really detest the idea of self learning and even groups and really want a lot of help then evening classes and tutor sessions shouldn’t be ruled out. Whilst these might be pricy the rewards are of course substantial. It all really depends on which type of learning style suits your particular needs and time commitments.

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