GAMSAT Preparation: What Are The Best Study Skills

What Should You Study To Prepare For GAMSAT?

YGAMSAT Preparationou’d probably think that Non-fiction texts and cartoons are very dissimilar. Actually as legitimate sources of GAMSAT questions they can both be tricky in their own way.

Non-Fiction Texts

Don’t expect to be answering factual questions on Rugby fixture lists when it comes to non-fiction texts being chosen as GAMSAT question sources. No, these type of texts are going to test you a lot more. Expect questions on tone, argumentative styles, viewpoints and more. It’s not all bad news though; it won’t only be amazingly obscure philosophical texts that are the source of questions. You might even come across newspaper and journal articles at the other end of the spectrum.

As part of the build up to your big test day you’ll certainly want to be exposing yourself to the happenings in the world. Not so much along the lines of the “What’s Kylie up to today?” type of news, but more world politics, economics and other social concerns type of broadsheets. Remember exposure to all types of weighty writing gives you less a chance of being caught wrong footed on exam day.


Really cartoons? Yes, absolutely a common trick of history and philosophy lecturers is to drag outsome very dusty old cartoons providing some sort of stimulus and use them as a departure point for question time. GAMSAT examiners have taken a leaf out of the GAMSAT cartoonssame book and can be expected to bring all sorts of ideas to the table. You’re not going to come across any Garfield cartoons, but at the same time issues raised in the cartoons might not be as complicated as you might think. Remember it’s social sciences and humanities that are being tested so expect the cartoons and their accompanying questions to be along those lines. Prep wise don’t go and spend your precious time finding first editions of Batman comics to read, we’re sure those won’t really help you that much! Again turn to quality newspapers like the Daily Mirror or the homegrown newspapers that frequently have political cartoons for some pre-reading. Remember those crazy old history teachers we mentioned? Go dig out some of those old history text books for examples of cartoons and even some stimulating questions around them.

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