GAMSAT Sec 1 Tips for Science Students

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GAMSAT Section 1 is all about prose, poetry, picture study and data interpretation vignettes, and the science student might find the section a difficult one. One of the most basic problems the science student faces in GAMSAT Section 1 is that with the prose and poetry vignettes.


You may or may not have read the vignette(s) before.

Remember that all the vignettes in the GAMSAT paper are random, and there is no way of preparing beforehand for these particular passages and poems. Therefore, as a science student, you are more or less in the same position as a fellow candidate from a humanities background.


Reading a lot comes in handy.

Read up as much as possible in your spare time. This helps a lot, both in sections 1 and 2. Read short stories, journals, novels, poetry and newspapers. This will help you gain a better comprehension of the passages that will come in the exam. Besides, you can also build a better and stronger vocabulary if you read up a lot.


All you need to know is there in the vignette.

GAMSAT Section 1 doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the humanities per se, so do not concern yourself with the details of the subject. You will get all the information you need from the vignettes themselves.


Work a little extra practising poetry vignettes.

Poetry vignettes might seem especially difficult; so, practise them with extra care. Remember that these vignettes can include anything from poems that date back a few centuries to song lyrics, so don’t leave out any kind of poetry comprehension vignettes you come across.


You might be out of touch, so devote some more time.

Practice is the key to GAMSAT, and this is all the more true for sections you are weak in. Now, being a science student doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak in the humanities; however, it is very likely that you have been out of touch with the nitty-gritty of the subject for some time. So, focus a lot on section 1 when you solve the practice papers.


But don’t neglect any of the sections.

Talking about practice, you need to get lots of it, and in all the sections. Remember that the GAMSAT is highly competitive, so neglecting any one section in favour of the others will set you back quite a bit. There are quite a few GAMSAT courses online to help you ace the test, so go for them.

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