What Kind Of Study Is Essential for GAMSAT Section III

Unofficial GAMSAT reading list for section III

The ACER website specifically states that there is no official GAMSAT reading list. We’ve gone to some effort to make an unofficial list that will help you out in your preparation for section 3. In getting this list of useful texts together we’ve looked at the suggested background knowledge that you should have for this section. What texts previously successful students have used and what comes recommended by both lecturers and teachers.

Most of these texts are easily found in most physical and online book shops. Of course these types of books do come at premium prices so we recommend buying them either secondhand or even through a reputable GAMSAT forum.

Texts for Physics

Physics Key Ideas: 3rd edn, Essentials Education. Fille with a lot of clarity on what could be meaningless jargon and buzzwords this texts comes highly recommended to improving your knowledge of physics.

The Basic physics self teaching guide by Karl F. Kuhn is written in a very simple way so even for someone with no background knowledge it will be a good place to start.

Reading materials with GAMSAT sample questions by PrepGenie will also help you get some idea on the types of questions.

Recommended Chemistry Texts

Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity: 5th edn, Kotz and Treichel. With a lot of tricky equations likely to trip up someone who hasn’t touched chemistry in a while, this book will be a great foundation to your missing chemistry knowledge.

Introduction to Organic Chemistry; 2nd edn, Brown

Organic Chemistry as a Second Language: Translating the Basic Concepts” David R. Klein. Pub 2004.

Biology books for GAMSAT

Biology, 5th edn, Campbell, Reece and Mitchell. As an introductory text to many issues involving biology this text comes highly recommended.

Knox et al. Biology: An Australian Focus and Biological Science by Scott Freeman

Schaum’s Outlines Anatomy & Physiology. You should be able to get enough information from this book to answer any anatomical biology questions that come your way.

With a lot of weight being thrown behind mastery of this section you’ll definitely be needing books like these to help in your prep. Admittedly they will cost a small fortune if you buy all of them so it might be a good idea to seek them out in a local bookshop and see which ones appeal to you, both in their layout and how accessible the language is. Remember that in this day and age if you’ve got access to an ebook reader you might find these texts or other useful primers available in electronic format.

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