As a doctor of the future you’re going to find all sorts of diseases, disabilities and handicaps; hopefully you’ll have the knowledge to cure them. But perhaps you might be going into medicine because you too suffer from some sort of low level condition that might prevent you from doing certain activities. The good news is that if you suffer from dyslexia, limb problems, eyesight problems and a host of other disabilities it does not need to hold you back from being successful in GAMSAT.

While the end state of GAMSAT is to be a medical student, you don’t need to worry that your affliction, whether it be temporary or permanent, is going to hold you back from doing the test. You’ll need to apply for special testing conditions before 11 February 2013. Naturally you’re going to have to supply some proof of your condition, luckily both physical conditions and learning disabilities are catered for. Just think, this letter from a medical practitioner might someday be written by you!


Some of the learning conditions that provision can be made for

  • Visual impairments and dyslexia. As a sufferer of dyslexia you know that sometimes the problem can be eased by using special color paper or even different fonts. The examiners are quite happy to print out papers in different colors and in larger fonts, which is a mighty boon for dyslexics and those with less than perfect eyesight.
  • Poor hearing. A simple solution of written instructions or being seated close to the examiner should alleviate this problem.

Keeping it fair

Whilst the examiners want to make the exam as fair and equitable as possible, it obviously needs to be undertaken under rigorous conditions. That’s why they have to have that proof of your condition for them to take special action. The reassuring point you need to take away from this article is that every reasonable effort will be made to help you to succeed. Of course the hard part of studying and preparing is then all up to you.

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