GAMSAT Study: Enrich Your Reading Skills

It is very important for your GAMSAT prep that you enrich your reading skills to perfection. On the test day, you have to read through a passage and comprehend and analyse it at the same time while the clock keeps ticking.  So, in your practice hours, you should time yourself while reading passages of various lengths and complexity, and try to understand the content at the same time. It is recommended that you minimise the usual habit of going back again and again to the passages as you read them. Develop a constant reading flow, as that is the first step to becoming an efficient reader.

GAMSAT sections I and II require that the student is well-read, well-informed and is an efficient and fast reader at the same time. Developing a habit of reading will not only help you stock up your mind with lots of helpful information but will also imbibe in you the skills to skim a lot of information in a single, fast and efficient read. Remember, you reading can not just be fast, it also has to be efficient. Reading skills are therefore highly essential for students to ace the GAMSAT.

Reading up a variety of material is extremely important to ace the GAMSAT questions. Of course, it’s a snowball’s chance in hell that you will come across a familiar passage, but reading up will familiarize you with such passages, such analytical thoughts and such complexities of concepts and this, in turn, would help you in dealing better with them on the test day. This will increase your comprehension skills drastically, which is mandatory to score well in these questions.

Learn to understand the meanings of words and phrases from the given context. You vocabulary might not contain certain words you will come across in the passage, and annotations of anything other than jargon will not be there. So, try to understand what the word or phrase is most likely to mean in the context of the passage and/or the sentence.


And, while you practice, follow these tips to have an edge above the others with your better comprehension and reading skills:

  • Practice makes perfect; and as far as this exam is concerned, it is even more so. Therefore, ensure that you dedicate some time to honing reading skills everyday.
  • Be prepared for any kind of passage from any discipline to be thrown at you. There are a million kinds that may be created based on the different social sciences.
  • Read the passages carefully. Make sure that there is nothing that you miss out while reading the passage. Questions require a lot of brainstorming. Therefore, make sure that you read between the lines.
  • Remember that you will have to keep going back to the passages once you come to the questions. A thorough understanding of the entire passage is required to answer each question, as you must remember that it is in fact the entire situation that influences the answer.
  • Again, and more enforced, never assume. There is too much unsaid in these passages, and a lot that is left to perception. Unless you are able to understand thoroughly what a particular character is feeling or what is actually happening in a particular situation, you can never really answer correctly. For this reason, keep scanning the passage for anything that might refute or strengthen an assumption.

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