GAMSAT syllabus

Gamsat Section III Syllabus

Cell And Cell StructureVector And Scalar, Directions And KinematicsAtomic Structure
Cell Division and Cell CycleGeometrical OpticsLiquid Solution
Biological Membrane and its TransportForces And Newton’s LawConcept Of Acids-Bases And Oxidation-Reduction
Amino AcidLinear And Non-Linear MotionVolumetric Analysis
ProteinEnergy, Work, Center Of Mass And Linear MomentumBehavior Of Gases

ThermodynamicsChemical Kinetics
Nucleic AcidElectromagnetic Induction, Dc And Ac CircuitsS And P Block Elements
Replication, Transcription, and TranslationMagnetismTransition Elements
MetabolismRotational MechanicsWater
Nervous SystemKinetic Theory Of Gasses And CalorimetryGeneral Organic Chemistry
Endocrine SystemNuclear PhysicsIsomerism
Musculoskeletal SystemHeatHydrocarbons
Excretory SystemSoundCompounds Containing Oxygen
Reproductive SystemOscillation And Wave, Wave Optics
Carbohydrates And Amino Acids
Cardiovascular SystemGravitation Radioactivity
HomeostasisModern PhysicsCo-Ordination Compounds
Blood And Its CompositionBasic Components And LogarithmChemical Energetics
EmbryologyLinear Graph And Basic Understanding Of Exponential, Inverse And Power Graphs
Immune SystemUnderstanding Experiment Errors And Concepts Of Interpolation And Extrapolation
MicrobiologyFluid Mechanics And Mechanical Properties Of Matters

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