GAMSAT Test: Fight the “Demotivators”

It is difficult to keep on studying when friends around you are having fun and enjoying their lives. As a GAMSAT aspirant, you must have had your bad days when studying so much started getting on your nerves and you want to give up! Making yourself stick to your study routine certainly takes a great amount of will power.

But, remember this is how your tenacity is put to test, and you definitely need to cultivate this quality if you aim for a medical career. Remember, you have the intelligence to crack the exam questions. You just need to learn to fight with the “demotivators” and defeat them, as you prepare for GAMSAT.

Here is some help to let you conquer demotivation:

  • Remember that small achievements add up. Let every test you attempt, every question you solve, every problem you crack motivate you. If you failed today, do not let that defeat you tomorrow. Consistency in your preparation is the key to eventual success.
  • Remind yourself of the rewards. If a medical career has always been your dream, you know that this hard work will fulfil your dreams. So, that should be a real motivation
  • Study with friends. If you can gather a group of other aspirants and study together, it will not only benefit your preparation but also keep your confidence and spirit up.
  • Draw a specific and very detailed study schedule for yourself breaking up work allotment for every day. Keep the plan realistic, and as you work on it, your confidence will get a boost as you achieve your daily targets,
  • Reward yourself with a break when you achieve planned targets. This will keep you happy and take the monotony out of your constant preparation.
  • Never think in terms of fear. Think not in terms of what you will lose, but in terms of what you might achieve. Fear of failure only keeps you strong for some time. Consistent achievement and success comes only from positive thought and dreams. Be hopeful and work honestly– you can never fail!

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May 29, 2017

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