GAMSAT Tips to Tackle MCQs: Approximation

The GAMSAT questionnaire contains many such options that are not exactly correct, but very close to being so. Hence, when you have three options that are quite obviously incorrect and a fourth that comes very close to being correct, you choose that fourth.This is particularly true in the case of Data Interpretation questions in Sections 1 and 3, where you will often be presented with not the exactly correct option, but something very close to what the correct measurement of the quantity/ image/ value/ description is.

Approximation techniques are used in GAMSAT test papers when you are dealing with values that cannot be computed to the last digit, or measurements that must be rounded off. Sometimes, answer choices might be far removed, which is where approximation comes in handy.

Here’s how you master this fairly straightforward technique:

  1. Use approximation only in cases where the answer choices are quite distant.
  2. Scan the answer choices to see how close an approximation is needed
  3. Look for the most correct answer.
  4. Use it more to check and estimate the answer instead of making blind guesses.
  5. Round up decimals to whole numbers.
  6. Working backwards from the answer choices may help in quantitative questions.
  7. You might have to carry out all computations to the ultimate step and round off only the final answer to be as accurate as possible.
  8. Sound calculation skills are essential, since an incorrect step will end in the wrong answer.
  9. Remember the fractional equivalent of percentages and vice versa.
  10. In case of graphs, for instance pie charts, try visual estimation to get at percentage changes.
  11. When you have numerical values to choose from, steer clear of the extreme numbers, like the highest and lowest.
  12. Take note of the units. Eliminate the option if it contains an incorrect unit.

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