GAMSAT Tips to Tackle MCQs: Handling Distracters

Distracters are the incorrect options in the MCQs. AS the name suggests, their purpose is to distract the test-taker by posing possible alternatives to the correct answer. Usually, the GAMSAT question consists of one very obviously incorrect distracter, often one that has no connection whatsoever with the question or even the vignette. The second you can eliminate following some analysis, and you will usually be left with two options that are extremely close.

At first glance, distracters are equally plausible options and are often based on commonly held misconceptions about a particular subject matter. They are foils, and hence incorporate keywords from the correct option. But remember, they are an excellent mode of assessing your skills, knowledge and application of the same, so you will need to analyse each plausible distracter closely.

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Four options might seem a lot to choose from, but employing some tricks will sail you through the hurdle.


  1. First of all, keep your cool.
  2. Eliminate distracters by deep-level thinking and not by decision-making based on instinct alone.
  3. Usually, there are to really close options. Pinpoint them.
  4. If you are not sure about the incorrect options, try the process of elimination.
  5. If you can find the answer directly from the passage, don’t try eliminating each option to reach the conclusion.
  6.  Options with opposite meanings are there to confuse; one is usually the correct answer.
  7. For options where keywords are repeated, identify the differences and similarities to choose the correct answer.
  8. Check if any of the options show grammatical inconsistency with the question stem. If yes, it is a distracter.
  9. Some options might contain double negatives. Create the positive sentence.
  10. Is there an option that contains more qualifiers than the others? It might be the correct one.
  11. You are supposed to look for the correct answer. So, even if none of the options seems correct, you must choose the one that comes closest to answering the question.
  12. And lastly, develop critical thinking, analyse and exercise judgement to solve a question based on multi-step process.

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