GAMSAT Tips to Tackle MCQs: Process of Elimination

Process of elimination is exactly what the nomenclature suggests: elimination of each option until one is left. Here, instead of directly inferring the correct answer from among the given choices, you work through all the options. Ideally, you should begin by eliminating the most obviously incorrect option, move on to the more plausible one, and so on. For instance, if the question asks what the capital of Washington is and one of the options says Mexico, you know that one can be most easily eliminated.

So, here is how to tackle MCQs in GAMSAT

  1. Eliminate the option that is most obviously incorrect. One will always be such.
  2. Rule out the option that has obviously no connection to the given information/ question.
  3. Rule out options which essentially say the same thing.
  4. If the answer is vague or doesn’t make sense logically, rule it out.
  5. If two out of the four options look correct, you can safely choose the ‘all of the above’ option.
  6. If ‘all of the above’ is not an option and two of the options look correct, eliminate both.
  7. Eliminate answer options that don’t fit grammatically with the question stem.
  8. Zero in on completely opposite options; it’s likely one of them is your answer.
  9. Concentrate on options that are very similarly phrased; there will be a minor difference as cue to the correct answer.
  10. If you have both ‘all of the above’ and ‘none of the above’ as options, check if any of the options can be close to correct. If yes, you can eliminate ‘none of the above’ and go back to choosing the best answer.
  11. If the options have mismatched units, eliminate them. For instance, if the question deals with temperature in K and one of the options is 38°C, it’s obviously incorrect.


Eliminating each option will ultimately leave you with the correct option by default. Try this method only when options in the GAMSAT practice questions seem too confusing and you are unable to choose. Of course, do keep in mind that prior knowledge is essential to follow this method in Section 3.

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