How did you do on the exam?

How did you do on the exam?

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4 responses on "How did you do on the exam?"

  1. It was pretty good for me cuz I expected a low score as soon as i saw the exam paper. So, i am happy with whati got

  2. I ended up getting a 68, with a 59 for s1, 74 for s2 and 70 for s3. Does this seems a good score at all??

  3. I got 59 in the reading section, 74 in the essay section and 55 in the science section with 60 overall.
    Obviously I am very happy with the essay section and pretty disappointed with the others!

  4. I managed a 69 on my first shot! Thank you a lot. I was just wondering where you think I could get in if I applied with a gamsat score of 69 and a GPA of 6?
    And how many interviews am I allowed to sit?

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